Cinque Terre

I am a contemporary, experimental abstract painter works in different series ie. Ink, Mixed media and Acrylic. I always do experiments with different art materials, techniques and processes. I believe, simple is the best and the simplest things are most difficult to create.

Coming from a small village, most of the inspirations I get are from nature. The reflections and movements on water in shallow ponds. The stones gleaming under the ripples of water.  The feel and fabric of flowers and petals.  The textured walls of an aging structure are fascinating form of abstract. The walls are manmade, but the ravages on it are natural. Similarly, with dusty, rusty metal pieces. Man makes the metal and nature gives it the patina. These variants in texture and surfaces are what fascinate me.

Also, I work as a professor at the Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts in Mumbai, India and my students are the most important factor of my development. Being a teacher, I interact with students frequently. Conversation with students, give me more inspiring thoughts. Their analytical / thoughtful / random questions make me learn more and help me keep myself updated. Many a times the colourful attires of students suggest interesting colour schemes and compositions. Every year, I meet a new batch of students, talk to them, and interact with them. It helps me stay young in thought and actions. In a way, I give my 10% knowledge and the students in turn give me 90% inspiration. That is why I feel that not a single day of life goes wasted. Because every day I believe I have something good, something worthwhile; be it as a teacher or an abstract painter. That is why every single day of mine is a cheerful day.

I wish to express myself through my art and people enjoy my expression. There is a large group of admires and collectors of my work worldwide. I had done 10 Solo shows and more than 30 group shows of my Abstract works in India and abroad. Also participated in many shows worldwide.

There is nothing in this world that gives me more satisfaction and pleasure than 'painting'. Because 'painting' is something, which I do whenever I wish, at my own will. I think what satisfies one's inner soul, is what one does with one's own wish, with devotion. All my works have given me sublime satisfaction of creation. The feeling of immense joy, which I have experienced, is what I wish to offer to the viewer. If viewer feels whatever I have felt, I will be sure that I am travelling in the right direction.

Cinque Terre